The country had been enduring very hot weather for a couple of months, each day the temperature seemed to get hotter than the day before, heat records were being broken on a regular scale. The small country village was rationing water, the local corner shop had run out of ice cream and cold soft drinks with suppliers unable to keep up with the demand, the villagers were not doing much that used energy instead they were staying indoors or in shaded areas. The local river had dried up so nobody could go swimming in it to cool off. It was now early evening and the temperature had dropped a bit but it was still warm and sticky and residents of the village were wearing as little clothing as they needed to wear.  There were rumours of alien space ships having been seen in the sky and the heat was being caused by them. Sixty year old Joe who had not long been out of prison where he had served a prison sentence for sex offences was happy for the heat as it kept the locals away from the isolated cottage where he lived he was not getting any verbal abuse, As he sat in the doorway of his cottage Joe saw Tina and Sara two sixteen year girls from the village walking down the lane towards where he lived, both girls were wearing just shorts and tee shirts, Joe watched them as they walked admiring the sight of the bulges in their tee shirts, Joe also saw the dark shape hovering in the sky and knew they had had come for tea, the two girls stopped as they got outside the gate leading into Joe’s cottage, Joe noticed the pokies in the tight fitting tee shirts of both girls and smiled, Tina looked at Joe smiled and said ” we are feeling as horny as hell and need fucking badly will you fuck us” Joe beckoned the two girls into his cottage and once they were inside Joe told them to strip and after a very short time was looking at two naked girls admiring their hairless love tubes and ample boobs that had very erect nipples, Joe stood between the girls and gently rubbed their boobs, Tina started to undo the belt on Joe’s trousers while Sara was undoing his shirt and after a couple of minutes like the girls Joe was naked his seven inch erection proudly sticking up like a flagpole, Joe old the girls to lay on the floor with their legs spread, the very willing girls did not hesitate in doing what Joe had told them to do, Joe knelt between Tina’s legs bent forward and eased his throbbing erection into the wet and waiting love tube of the willing girl then started to thrust in and out while Sara rubbed his body, Tina started to breathe heavy and moan with pleasure and after five minutes Joe felt her climax and a few minutes after she had Joe was thrusting in and out of  Sara’s love tube making her groan with pleasure, Joe felt Sara climax and smiled as she did, after ten minutes Joe was sat in his chair watching as the naked Tina licked the love tube of her friend Sara. A hour later the two girls were walking down the lane towards the village where they lived while Joe placed the bits of metal he had collected on his front lawn then sat back and watched as the rays of light from the sky lifted the metal off the lawn into the sky