Tina lay in her bed in the room she shared with her sister Dawn who at sixteen was two years older than what she was, Tina watched as Dawn left the bedroom knowing that she was on her way to school, Tina looked at Dawn’s bed and saw the leg of the boy she had brought home the night before hanging over the edge of the bed, Tina looked at her bedside clock and saw that it was six thirty in the morning and knew that she would have to get out of bed and get for school soon, she then saw the boy in Dawn’s bed swing his other leg out of the bed and onto the floor before standing up letting the duvet covers fall, Tina smiled and thought nice as she saw the boy was naked and she had a clear view of his seven inch hairy dick and when she saw that the boy was sixteen year old Steve who lived in the house next door she thought even better and when Steve walked to the bedroom door she admired his cute bum and thought I wonder if Sally is up after Steve had walked out of the bedroom Tina heard her twelve year old sister say ” wow a big cock” and smiled as she thought she is out of bed. After a few minutes Steve returned to the bedroom got dressed and left again, Tina got out of bed went to the bathroom where Sally was brushing her teeth and when Sally told her that she had seen Steve’s dick Tina replied saying ” yeah I guessed you had I saw it as well” and went in the shower. Later in the afternoon Tina arrived home from school to find a message on the answer phone from her mum saying that she would be staying at her sisters for a few more days, Tina started to make tea as she did she saw Steve in his garden opened the door and called out to him ” hello big boy” before going back to making tea, Steve appeared at the door and asked Tina what she was on about, Tina smiled and said ” I share a room with Dawn and during the night I heard you two fuck and when you got out of her bed this morning I saw your cock and know it is big” Steve looked at Tina and said to her ” you jealous you want fucking as well” Tina just looked at him, Steve walked over to Tina and cupped her boobs saying come on receiving is more fun than looking, Tina moved backwards and walked into the cupboard door, Steve moved forward and cupped her boobs again, Tina could not move away and felt Steve rubbing her boobs and heard him say ” you want it” then felt him grab the hem of her skirt and pull it up, Tina then saw Dawn at the door who said ” if your going to fuck her take her in the lounge you can be seen by people passing” Steve grabbed Tina by the arm and pulled her into the lounge where he lay her on the floor reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off before unclipping her skirt lowering the zip and pulling the skirt free of Tina’s body and started rubbing her love tube, Tina lay there not sure if she wanted to stop Steve or not and felt fingers slide into her love tube and moaned as they did, Steve started to undo Tina’s blouse and soon had it open then undid her bra and started to rub her firm boobs while pushing his fingers in and out of her love tube, Tina was breathing heavy and felt the fingers in her love tube pull out then her bra and blouse come off leaving her naked except for her shoes, Tina looked at Steve who was sliding his joggers down and saw his nine inch erection and after a minute felt it slide up her moist love tube causing her to cry out, Tina heard a boy say ” fucking hell” and saw Martin a class mate standing by the door staring, Steve started to thrust in and out of Tina’s love tube making her moan with pleasure, Tina saw Martin smirking as he watched and also a bulge in his trousers after a couple of minutes Tina cried out ” oh yes” as she climaxed Steve carried on thrusting away but when Dawn said ” I want some of that cock” Steve pulled his dick out of Tina’s love tube and stood up, Tina then saw that Martin was naked with a seven inch erection and as Steve moved away from her he knelt between her legs and before she could say anything Tina felt Martin’s dick sliding up her love tube and felt it go in deep and was soon groaning as he thrust in and out and after five minutes climaxed a second time, Tina saw Dawn laying naked with a naked Steve pounding away into her, Martin pulled his dick from Tina’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body as he did Tina heard Sally say ” yeah spunk” and saw Sally watching from the door Martin lay down on the floor beside Tina who just there watching Steve pound her sister and smiled when she saw him squirt his cum over Dawn’s body and heard Sally say ” even more spunk” Tina lay where she was and drifted off to sleep but sometime later was woken by somebody sucking her nipples and saw that it was Shaun from her class sucking her nipples and also saw Martin thrusting in and out of her sisters love tube, Shaun stopped sucking Tina’s nipples and moved round and slid his six inch dick into Tina’s love tube and started to thrust away and it was not long before Tina was moaning, after a couple of hours the three boys had all enjoyed the two girls and were leaving, Sally said ” hope you come again it has been fun watching” after the boys had gone Sally said ” what is for tea” Tina said ” I am not hungry” two nights later Tina was sat at the kitchen table when Dawn walked in with Gary who Tina knew from school and smiled behind Gary was his brother Tim who was in Tina’s class, ten minutes later there were four naked teenagers on the lounge floor, Sally sat at her friends house watching telly and was thinking I wonder if Dawn and Tina are alright.