Cindy was the sixteen year old daughter of one of the richest men in the world she lived in a twenty five bedroom mansion on the outskirts of the city and was well known for being very snobbish and treating the staff of the mansion very badly and showed no respect for anybody. Her parents were away on a business trip abroad or as Cindy said ” earning more money for her to spend” Cindy had been out riding on her horse and had just returned to the stables, Cindy knew as it was a Sunday there would only be one or two stable hands about, as she road into the stables yard she saw sixteen year old Joel from Nigeria standing by a tree, Joel was the only staff member who answered Cindy back and was not scared of her,  as Cindy got closer she saw that Joel was having a wee his trousers wide open, Cindy clearly saw Joel’s eight inch soft dick and was surprised at the size, Cindy got down off her horse and walked very quickly to where Joel was stood and using her riding whip hit him across his dick saying ” put that thing away you dirty sod” Joel jumped back saying you cow ” Cindy stood back looking at Joel wondering if she had done the right thing, Joel turned looked at Cindy and said ” your going to regret that” walked over to her grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees, Cindy saw that her head was only about a foot away from Joel’s dick, Joel said ” kiss it better” Cindy said ” what” and when Joel repeated ” kiss it better” Cindy said ” I am not kissing that thing” Joel wrenched Cindy’s riding whip from her hand and hit her three times across her backside causing Cindy to cry out in pain” Joel repeated his order and again Cindy refused and received three more lashes of the whip Cindy who was now crying realised that she was beaten and when Joel again told her to kiss his dick Cindy quickly kissed it, Joel said give it a proper kiss, and pulled Cindy’s head towards his dick as he did he forced it into her mouth and said kiss it, Cindy gagged and realised that Joel meant her to suck his dick and when she received another three lashes from the whip across her bum started to suck Joel’s dick feeling it stiffen in her mouth as she did. After a few minutes Cindy chocked as Joel squirted his cum down her throat, Joel pulled his dick from Cindy’s mouth and stood back, Cindy saw the ten inch erection sticking up from Joel’s body as she slowly got to her feet. Joel looked at Cindy and said ” I am now the boss around here you do as your told” Twenty minutes later Joel was talking with Cindy’s dad over the phone and after ten minutes handed the phone to Cindy and was horrified when her dad told her that he and her mum would be away for twelve months and that Joel was in total charge and she was to obey him before the line went dead, Cindy went up to her rooms where she saw Joel’s brother Marcus who was four years younger than her cleaning the window, Joel walked into the room with Cindy’s riding whip in his hands and said “from now on if you disobey me, do not do as I say or question me you will get this across your backside” now get your jumper off, Cindy knew she was finished and removed her jumper and stood topless, Marcus said ” fucking hell look at those tits” Joel smiled and said to Cindy” jeans off” Cindy did as told and stood naked” Marcus said ” yeah a white girls cunt” Joel told Marcus to take his trousers off which he did Cindy saw his seven inch erection and when Joel told her to kneel and suck him, Cindy knelt and was soon sucking Marcus’s dick and soon felt his cum hitting the back of her throat which she managed to swallow, Marcus was over joyed picked up his trousers and left the room, Joel gave Cindy a short halter top that showed the underneath of her boobs and a tight fitting pair of shorts told Cindy to put them on and follow him he then went down to the main lounge where he called all the staff together, the staff gathered and Joel told the older ones they had a month off on full pay and after they left he told the younger ones he was now running things and that Cindy was now shit, he then called Cindy in and when the boys saw her they all smiled and wolf whistled, Joel told the boys to help themselves to food and drink, one of the girls said delivery Joel saw it was Mark the sixteen year old pervert who lived near the mansion, he then took Cindy into the kitchen where Mark was stood, when Mark saw Cindy his eyes went wide, Joel looked at Cindy and said take the top off, Cindy did as she was told, when Mark saw the topless Cindy he thought he was dreaming and when Cindy took her shorts off after being told to do so by Joel Mark thought I am dreaming, Joel told Cindy to lay on the table and spread her legs and when she did it Joel told Mark ” if your good and don’t tell any one anything you can fuck her at the weekend” Mark rode away from the Mansion on his bike thinking I will be good, Joel went back to the lounge where he saw that the five sixteen year old boys were getting quite drunk, Joel went up stairs where he saw the four sixteen year old girls he took them into Cindy’s room opened the wardrobe and said ” help yourself” the girls rushed to the clothes grabbing what they could, another girl walked in and said to Marcus ” I just saw Marcus in the nude he got a big cock for a little boy” Joel lowered his joggers saying as big as this the girls all looked at Joel’s dick one girl said ” fucking hell that is massive” Joel said who ever wants it get naked one girl said ” fucking hell I am having it and was soon naked, Joel stripped and soon the girls were all staring in awe at Joe’s ten inch erection and after a few minutes were watching as he thrust in and out of their mates love tube listening to her crying out in pleasure a couple of the girls were rubbing between their legs and listened to her as she cried out loudly when she climaxed, one girl walked up to Joel and held his dick and said can you get all the boys naked, Joel smiled and told her yes, the girls followed Joel to the lounge where all the boys were very drunk and said ” get those fucking uniforms off it is nude day” the girls watched in expectation as the boys struggled to undress and after five minutes the girls were looking at five naked boys comparing the size of their dicks, Joel then said to the girls ” you joining them and watched as the girls all stripped naked and stood back and watched as the boys were soon thrusting in and out of the girls, Joel looked at Cindy and saw pokies in her top he walked over to her and slid his hands under her top and massaged her boobs Cindy took his dick in her hand and said ” fuck me” Joel took her to her room where after a few minutes he was thrusting in and out of her love tube and soon Cindy was groaning out loud as she climaxed Joel carried on thrusting away and after five minutes felt Cindy cum again after twenty minutes Cindy had climaxed twice more before Joel squirted his cum over her body then lay down beside her, after twenty minutes Cindy said ” we need to talk” Joel looked at her, Cindy said ” I can bring some of my friends and their boyfriends up here and get them all naked and watch as they fuck like rabbits” but we have to share power, you can fuck any of the girls” she then showed him some tablets and said ” these are five times the strength of Viagra  the drinks in the lounge are all spiced with them, she then said lets go see the servants, Joel followed her and stood watching as the boys were pounding away into the girls and swapping partners every so often, Marcus agreed to the plan, Cindy said ” order some pies from the local shop Mark will deliver and he will love this sight” half a hour Mark was stood looking on in awe at the naked orgy, Joel called one of the girls who came over with a dazed look in her eyes and after a couple minutes was rubbing her boobs as she bent over a rail being pounded from behind by Mark who had taken a lot of aggro from her, Joel and Cindy went back upstairs where they met a naked Marcus on the landing and after ten minutes Marcus was thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube. The next morning Sara who was the same age as Marcus was arrived for her Saturday job and when she saw all the naked boys most of who had erections sleeping on the floor thought wow what a sight she then saw Marcus walking towards her also naked and with a massive erection, Marcus gave Sara a large tumbler of orange juice witch Sara quickly drank down then said your cock is massive, Marcus smiled and said ” yeah you want it” and lead her upstairs to his room where after ten minutes Sara was naked and Marcus was thrusting in and out of her love tube A few nights later Sara Marcus Cindy and Joel were standing naked watching as thirty of Cindy’s naked friends took part in a mass orgy, Joel looked at the group and thought I got to put up with this for twelve months and looked at Sara who was bent sucking on his dick while Marcus thrust in and out of her bum and Mark thrust in and out of Cindy’s love tube.