The talk of the town was all about the strange lights that had been flashing in the sky above the town all night nobody knew where they were from there were no music festivals in the area or any other events that could explain the lights, people were still looking up at the sky but the lights could no longer be seen. It was now mid after noon and unexplained mounds had appeared in various parts of the town, the mounds were dismissed as the work of fly tippers as they were the same size and solid. The residents of the town carried on life as normal, the under eighteen years of age football match was under way sixteen year old Steve was sent off for committing a dirty foul and as he headed to the dressing room kicked one of the mounds, when he went in the dressing room Jacob who was a couple of years younger than Steve and very gay was changing after his keep fit session, Jacob saw Steve and was surprised when he got no homophobic abuse that he normally got from Steve, Steve asked if the water was hot, Jacob replied in his very feminine voice that it was, Steve took his boots and socks off followed by his jumper, then to Jacobs surprise Steve removed his shorts and underwear standing naked, Jacob stared spell bound at Steve’s seven inch hairy dick Steve walked to the shower and started to shower, Jacob sat watching him and after a couple of minutes watched in total surprise as Steve’s dick slowly grew and went to a full nine inch erection and when Steve started stroking his dick Jacob thought it was a dream after a minutes of stroking Steve squirted his cum in four long spurts, Jacob carried on watching Steve shower and once Steve had dressed Jacob left.  Twelve year old Mark and his mate Tony were sat in Mark’s back yard watching seventeen year old Amy as she walked about in her bikini when suddenly Amy undid her top took it off revealing her big boobs both boys smiled and smiled even more when Amy removed her bottom’s and stood naked then started to rub her love tube before inserting two fingers in it and start to finger herself, the boys watched till Amy stopped and went into her house, 16 year old Abdul was walking through the park when he saw one of his class mates Sue who was a racist foul mouthed bitch stood by the bushes her blouse was wide open her bare boobs showing, Abdul walked towards Sue as he got closer he saw her nipples were erect, Sue looked at him smiled Abdul took a chance reached out and cupped Sue’s boobs Sue rubbed Abdul’s crutch then undid his trousers pulled his seven inch erection out knelt down are started to suck it swallowing his cum when Abdul squirted into her mouth, as Abdul walked away he saw a group of local boys standing round Amy with their erect dicks out, On the football pitch every boy had got an erection the girls on the touch line smiling at the bulges in the boys shorts the final whistle blew and the boys went to the dressing room a couple of the girls looked into the dressing room and saw the entire school football team naked under the showers each with a full erection soon there were quite a few girls in the dressing room watching the sixteen year boys as they jerked their solid erections and squirting their cum. Jacob was walking through the woods when he saw Steve’s brother Jason who was a couple of years younger than Steve, Jason like his brother was also a homophobic thug, Jacob saw the bulge in Jason’s track suit trousers, Jason looked at Jacob walked over to him, Jacob got ready for a lot of the verbal abuse he got from Jason which was worse than what Steve gave instead Jason said to Jacob” want to fuck my bum” Jacob looked stunned and when Jason lowered his track suit trousers revealing his seven inch erection then turning bending forward and said ” come on fuck me” Jacob undid his jeans freed his seven inch erection and pushed it straight up Jason’s bum then started thrusting in and out Jacob reached round and got hold of Jason’s erect dick and felt it was rock solid, Jason said ” yeah man wank my cock” Jacob did what Jason had had said and started jerking the throbbing erection in his hand and after a few minutes Jason squirted his cum in four long spurts, Jacob pulled his dick out of Jason’s bum stood back and saw Jason’s mate Mike standing naked with a six inch erection, Mike said ” fuck me as well” Jacob smiled as he went over to Mike who had bent forward, soon Jacob was sliding his dick into Mike’s waiting bum then started thrusting away jerking Mike’s solid dick as he did. In town the four straight 18 year old boys of a band were playing at a gay wedding when suddenly they stopped playing lay down their instruments and to the great joy stripped off naked before picking up there instruments and carried on playing with each boy getting full erections. Sixteen year old Tina was sitting on her balcony seventy year old John the convicted pedo was stood on his balcony Tina got up went in her flat and after a few minutes returned, John was totally surprised to see Tina was naked and rubbing her love tube and when Tian said “come in and fuck me” John was soon rushing to Tina’s flat when he went in he saw his best mate pounding into Sally Tina’s sister who was a couple of years younger than Tina, soon John was pounding into Tina who was soon breathing heavy after a while John felt Tina cum, John and his mate swopped places and soon John was pounding into a naked moaning Sally. All over the town residents were enjoying unexpected sex from people they had never thought they would get sex with. Two days after the lights had been seen in the sky they returned and in the morning the  mounds had gone and lots of residents could not believe what they had done or why they had done it but many were glad they had.