This Is A Fuck Festival [ Fest ] Planned By The Tappu Sena Of The Gokuldham Society. The Plan Was To Know Each Other Family Very Well.

Also, The Best Pair [ Actual Husband And Wife And The Pair Getting The Highest Points ] Both Would Be Getting A Surpise Gift.

Also , The Pair Getting The Least Marks Will Have To Abide By The Unknown Rules Which Are Made By The Judges.

The Judges Are Mr. Champaklal Gada And Mr. Hansraj Hathi &
Mrs. Komal Hathi Since They Didn't Participate In The Fuck Fest.

So , You Might Be Expecting That The Very Popluar " Mr. Tappu Ke Papa Jethalal Champaklal Gada" Would Be Fucking His Dream Lady The Bengali Bong " Babita Krishnan Iyer " But Not Everything Is As Expected In The Awesome Series " Taraak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma "

So , The Following People Were Interested In Fuck Fest.

Mr Atmaram Tukaram Bhide And Mrs Madhvi "Sexy" Bhide
[ Ekmaev Secretary ]

Mr Roshan Singh Sodhi And Mrs Roshan
[ The Deadliest Combination In The Society ]

Mr Jethalal Champaklal Gada And Mrs Daya "Sex And Garba Queen"
[ They Love Fucking A Lot ]

Mr Krishnan Iyer And Mrs Babita " Bengali Bong " Iyer
[ Secrets Awaiting For You ]

Mr Taarak Mehta And Mrs Anjali " Slim " Mehta
[ She's A Dietician , She Masturbates Using Her Vegetables When The 11 Inch Cock Is Unavailable ]

Mr Patrakaar Popatlal [ Toofaan Express ] , Ms Reeta [The Hot Reporter ] And Abdul [ The Supplier Of Things Like Milk , Flour, Biscuits , Ice Creams In Addition To Sex Toys For Bhide And Mehta Family And Contraceptive Pills And Condoms Of Various Brands For Iyer And Gada Family ]

So, Things Go Like This

The First Program Is That They Will Be Exchanging Their Partners
For 1 Day And Night. So, The Partners Exchange Will Be Like

Mr Taarak Mehta And Mrs Madhvi

Mr Bhide And Mrs Roshan Singh Sodhi

Mr Jethala Gada And Mrs Anjali Mehta

Mr Roshan Singh Sodhi And Ms Reeta

Mr Popatlal And Mrs Babita
[ Abdul Is Included For A Threesome]

Mr Krishnan Iyer And Mrs Daya Gada

Mr Taarak Mehta And Mrs Madhvi

Taarak Mehta Had The Biggest Cock In The Society I.E,
11 Inch. Anjali Mehta Never Had A Problem In Her Fucking Life.

She Used To Feed Taarak With All Juices And Food Which Would Increase His Sexual Powers. Madhvi Was A Hot Slut. Yeah Guys ! She Is A Slut. Since Bhide Had A Small 4 Inch Cock , She Was Never Satisfied With Bhide. She Had To Depend On The Shop Owner Abdul Who Either Ued To Provide Her Sex Toys So That She Could Survive With Her Sexual Needs Or Indeed On Abdul Himself Who Had A 6 Inch Cock With Which She Used To Satisfy Her Need.

Anjali Gave Taarak A Peck On His Cheek And Advised Taarak To Fuck Madhvi So Badly That She Would Not Be Able To Walk Also Because Madhvi Once Told Anjali That She Used To Crave For Taarak Because Of His Cock.

Taarak Said, " No Problem My Darling , But See To It That You Can Have A Wonderful Night With Jethalal ".

After This , Anjali Left For Jethalal's Home. Meanwhile , Daya Sucked Jethalal's 8 Inch Cock Before Leaving The House To Reach To Iyer's Home For The Night.

Jethalal Tried To Convince Daya To Perform Well So That The Can Win The 1st Edition Of The Fuck Fest.

At The Same Time , Roshan Singh Sodhi Kissed His Wife And Said That I'll Miss You A Lot Soniye And Advised Her To Do More Hard Work Since Bhide Had A Very Small Cock.

Roshan [ Wife ] Knew That Her Husband Would Screw Reeta Very Badly With His 8 Inch Cock Since She Was Feeling Low On Her Partner.

Also , Patrakaar Popatlal Had A Beautiful Bengali Bong In His Hand. He Was All Set To Screw This Lady But Nobody Knew The Surprise That Was Waiting For Babita. Popatlal Had Called Abdul Beforehand So That He Can Enjoy A Threesome + Popatlal Was A Gay , So They Could Actually Enjoy The Fuck Fest.

Also , While Leaving Home , Babita Asked Iyer To Fuck Daya Since She Wanted Jethalal To Know That Iyer's 7 Inch Dick Was Very Useful. Now Was The Time To Start The Fest , Fuck Fest !

As Soon As Madhvi Entered Taarak Mehta's House , Taarak Complimented , " Madhvi , I Must Say That You Are Looking Like A Sex Bomb ".

Madhvi Replied , " Taarak Ji , I Always Heard From Anjali Bhabhi About Your 11 Inch Weapon And Today When It Enters In My Thirsty Vagina Then I Will Find A Reason To Live And My Thirsty Pussy Will Be Filled.

Now , Taarak Mehta Started Undressing Madhvi Who Was In Her
As Usual Attire Of A Sari With Sleeveless Blouse.

Madhvi Was Enjoying Every Moment Of It.

Taarak Started To take off Madhvi Clothes. Madhvi Was Very Happy.

Madhvi Skin Was Very Soft . Tarah Started Kissing On Madhvi Neck.

Then Taarak Hand Around Her Boobs , Stomach , Ass And Removes Her Bra And Finally Removes Her Panty And Was Put On The Bed And Says ,

“ I Fuck Those Women Very Badly Whose Body Keeps So Fit Even After The Wedding And After Having Children Too ,

She Could See The Lustful Eyes Of The So Proclaimed Writer Cum Great Fucker.

Madhvi Also Helped Taarak To Undress And Suddenly The 11 Inch Monster Came Out.

Madhvi [ Acting Slutty ] Quickly Took That Monster In Her Hand And Started Licking And Sucking It.

This is Best Blowjob Tarak Mehta In His Life. She Sucked The Cock For 10 - 12 Minnutes , Occasionally Deep - Throating It And Sometimes Softly Biting The Balls And Licking The Tip Of The Dick.

Taarak Told Madhvi To Stop Otherwise He Will Cum.

Madhvi Stopped.

Now Taarak Once Again Lying Madhvi One Bed And Says

“ Frankly Speaking , You Are Looking Like A Whore And At This Time , You Are Most Beautiful Women Of Society , Anjali And Babita Are Nothing In Compare To You.

So Would You Please Show Yout Cunt So That My Small Friend Will Help You To Your Cunt.

Madhvi Was Obliged , 3 Things Had Won Her Heart.

Because Of Her Husband Small Dick , She Has To Satisfy Herself Outside Home.

[ If She Was Going For The Delivery Of The Pickles And Papad To The Clients , Then To Take Order From Clients , She Fill Give Full Enjoyment To Him ]

After Seeing The Cunt , Tarak Said In His Mind

“ Wow ! What Is Cunt . “
Totally Smooth , Bright Pink Colour And Looking So Much Tight That It Is Never Fucked And The Child Has Not Ever Arise From There.

Now Taarak Proceeded And Started To Licking Pussy With Tongue And Start Attacking On Her And At That Time Her Tongue Was Looking Like A Sword.

Then Taarak Started Fingering In Her Pussy.

Madhvi's Pussy Was Already Wet As He Entered His 1st Fucking Finger Then 2nd And 3rd . Now Madhvi Was In Full Mood And She Says

“Taarak , Ohh , Ohh , Fuck Me Like This My King , Like This , I'm Having A Lot Of Fun And I Will Taste You My “Som Ras”

After Hearing This , Taarak Has Increased Is Attack And Start Fingering In Faster Ways

Finally She Felt Her Orgasm And Taarak Was Haapy. This Helped Taarak To Know That Madhvi Is Surely Gonna Get Her Orgasm For
4 - 5 Times Today Because When He Used To Fuck Anjali , She Used To Cum 3 Times Atleast In A Night And Madhvi Was Way Ahead That Anjali.

Madhvi Once Again Take Dick In Moith And After 2 Minutes She Says Taarak
“ Please Fuck Me , Taarak Ji ”

So Taark Inverted Madvi , Adjusted His Weapon , Aim On Target And
Dick Went In That Wet Hole Just In A Second. Madhvi's Cunt Was Still Tight.

Taarak Wrapped His Right Arm Around Her And Continued Fucking Her.

After 10 Minutes , They Changed The Positions And Madhvi Came On Top And Started Riding On The Cock.

During All This, Madhvi Had Already Cummed Twice. She Says
" Taarak , I Am Cummed 2 Times".

Taarak : “ Tired ? ”

Madhvi : “ I Am Not Used Of This But Now I Will ”

After 5 More Minutes , Taarak Aimed For Her Ass And Rode The Dick In Her Ass And She Kept Screaming Badly But Enjoying Also.

Then Taarak Thought It's The Right Time To Cum Or She Might Die Because Of The Cock And The Vigorous Fucking.

So , After 2 Minutes , Taarak Exclaimed ,
"Madhvi , I Am Going To Cummed. ".

Madhvi : " In My Mouth , I Want To Taste You In My Mouth!”

Taarak Take Away His Dick From Ass And Brought It To The Madhvi Mouth And Fired Fountain

He Pumped Endless Streams Of Cum Over Madhvi's Gorgeous Face. Her Mouth Open , Tongue Wagging With Taste Of His Semen .

Madhvi Did Something That Made Her Satisfied In Her Life.
She Now Asked Taarak For A Last Favor , Instead She Gave Her An Authority , The Authority To Fuck.

Yeah ! Now After Fucking 11 Inch Dick , What Is 4 Inch Aur What Is 6 Inch. Now This Was Woman Naked , Lusty , Young Pussy , After Taking Big Dick , It Will Not Like Small Dick.

Therfore Madhvi Says To Taarak : “ Taark Ji , I Want To Talk To You And Also Want To Ask For Help “

Tarak : “You Want To Say That Whenever I Want To Fucking And Anjali Was Not At Home Then You Will Remember Me Or If You Need And If You Will Called Me Then Will I Come ? “

" Yes , But You "

" Madhvi Bhabhi, S-Ex-Perience"

Both Laughed. Then Taarak Said, "Madhvi Bhabhi, This Is The Best Fucking Session I Have Experienced In Years, Thanks A Lot "

After Some Time, When Both Tired Then Sleed Naked In Each Other's Arms And Waiting For Second Day Means Resullts Day

Mr Bhide And Mrs Roshan Singh Sodhi

Roshan Reached Bhide's Home Within 2 Minutes. Bhide Welcomed Her And Asked Her To Have A Seat. Bhide Knew What He Had To Do. So Frankly He Told Roshan , " See , I Know I Can't Satisfy You That Good And I Know That You Want To Win The Fest , I Have A Idea In My Mind , We Can Use Various Toys That Madhvi Also Uses ".

Roshan Was A Bit Confused. She Had Used A Vibrator In Her Whole Life Just For 2 - 3 Times When Her Husband Had Gone On Tours , No More Than That.

Then Bhide Bought A Suitcase And Opened It. It Had Everything:

Dildos, Vibrators , Strap Ons , Condoms , Hand Cuffs , Porn Dvd’s , Slings , Nipple Clamps , Cock Rings.

There Was A Glass Dildo Of 10 Inch , A Champagne Bottle , A Violet Colored Dildo Of The Same Size , Some Chinese Balls And A Penis Stimulating Ring.

Roshan Now Started Shivering. Though She Had No Idea Of What Was Going To Happen She Knew That It Was Going To Be Bad.

They Got Undressed And Then Roshan Started Sucking The Cock.
Bhide Was Pressing Her Boobs With His Hands And Was Trying To Reach The Lower Parts Of Her Body From Behind.

After 2 - 3 Minutess , Roshan Started Sucking Vigorously. After 10 Minutes Of Dick Sucking , Bhide Couldn't Control Himself And Shot In Roshan's Mouth.

Bhide Was Exhausted With This Much. He Asked Roshan To Stop For A While. After 1 / 2 An Hour , Bhide Thought Of Using A Toy To Excite Roshan.

So , He Got The Strap On Cock Of 10 Inches On The Table Which Had A Clit Stimulator. He Put It On And Entered Her.

It Was Substantially Bigger Than Cocks She Had Taken So Far In Her Life , So She Screamed A Little. B ut Bhide Had No Pity. He Kept On Ramming That Vibrator In Her Ass.

She Had A Tight Ass And She Was Feeling The Pain As The Strap On Cock Was Of 10 Inches.

Now Bhide Made Her Sit Facing Him And Entered With The Strap On Cock Inside Her Vagina And She Was In Ecstasy.

That Was The Only Time That She Had An Orgasm.
" Aghhhh , Bhide, I'm Cumming "

She Threw His Head Back And Cried Out From The Orgasm That Came From Her Pussy.

She Came Heavily And The Same Time , Bhide Took Out The Strap On And Masturbated And Released His Cum On Roshan.

After This , Bhide Got Tired And Went To Sleep But Roshan Wanted More.

So , Walking Over To The Box And Opening It Again. Roshan Pulled Out A Small Bottle Of Lube And A Medium Sized Butt Plug.

Sitting Down On The Edge Of The Bed She Put Some Lube On The Plug And Set It Aside On The Stand , Lying Face Down On The Bed Roshan Gently Pushed One Finger With Some Lube On Up Her Tight Asshole , Feeling It Give Way As More And More Of The Finger Made It’s Way In.

Bending Over A Little Bit In Front Of A Mirror She Could See The Base Of The Plug And She Blushed At The Thought Of How Slutty She Looked.

She Went To The Bathroom With A Vibrator And Kept On Punishing Her Vagina Which Was Troubling Her.

Finally She Came Again And After She Retired For Sleeping.

Mr Jethala Gada And Mrs Anjali Mehta

Anjali Was Very Happy With The Partner She Had Got. She Never Thought Of Sharing The Bed With Her Best Friend's Husband And Her Husband's Best Friend , Jethalal.

She Knew That They'll Easily Win The Fuckfest Since Jethalal And Madhvi Would Their Full Sex Power On The Couple.

Jethalal Welcomed Anjali With A Kiss. Poor For Jethalal That Anjali Bought A Juice For Him So That He Can Fuck Anjali With More Enthusiasm.

Jethalal Drank It Since He Had To Win. After This , Jethalal Welcomed To The Bedroom By Saying

" Welcome Mrs Anjali To Sexoville" And Asked Anjali,

"So Mam, Which Is Your Favorite Style In Fucking ?? "

Anjali Replied Within No Time That Doggie Style Was Her Favorite And She Also Exclaimed,
" Taarak Is The Best Guy Who Has Fucked Her In The Doggie Style".

Jethalal Randomly Asked , " With How Many Guys Have You Shared The Bed ??"

Anjali Thought Of Lying But Then Very Confidently She Said ,

" 4 , Out Of Which 3 Were My Faculty When I Was Studying.
I Gave Blowjobs To 2 Of Them And One Of Them Fucked Me Since I Needed More Grades Than Any Other Slut In The College And The 4th Guy Was None Other Than Sundar".

" How Did He Fuck You ", Jethalal Asked With A Big Question Mark.

Anjali Calmly Replied , " When You Had Gone To London For Your Business Trip , That Time Taarak Was Fucking Your Sweet Lady And Sundar Had Come To Extinguish The Fire Of My Lovehole ".

Jethalal Was Shocked To Know That His Best Friend Was Fucking His Sex Doll And He Never Knew About It.

Jethalal Thought This Is The Best Time To Show Both Daya And Taarak How Badly He Can Screw Someone.

Anjali Was 28 But She Had Maintained Herself , Keeping Herself Fit By Exercise & Dieting And Had A Figure Of 33 – 24 - 36.

Anjali Had Wore A Dark Purple Sari , Tied Just At Her Navel Level
A Tight Sleeveless Blouse With Deep Neck With Her Mangalsutra Resting In Between Her Boobs Valley.

Her Shoulder Length Hair Were Tied With A Clip. She Had Put A Little Sindoor In Her 'Mang'.

Jethalal Was Very Excited Because Today He Has To Fuck A Woman Who Fucked By 11 Inch Dick Everyday. Jethalal Seems Liitle Bit Nervous.

Jethalal Started To Kiss Anjali. Slowly Slowly Both Are Roaming In Each Other. After Kissing Each Other For A 2 – 3 Minutes , Jethalal Began Brushing Nipples Of Anjali With Both The Hand.

Anjali Is Now Moaning.

She Wanted That Today She Was Fucked Very Badly Because Tarak Fucked Jethalal Wife Means Daya And She Wanted To Take Revenge From Tarak.

Then Putting His Lips On Anjali's Lips Jethalal Started Kissing Her.

Making Anjali Stand , Jethalal Removed Her Pallu From Over Her Shoulder & Let The Pallu Down. Keeping Kissing Anjali , Jethalal Then Removed Her Saari And Petticoat Totally & Threw It Away.

And Then Opening All The Hooks Of Blouse, Start Brushing Both The Boobs Of Anjali And Using Second Hand , Open The Anjali Petticoat.

Anjali's Black Panty Was Now Visible. Then Anjali Start Removing Jethalal Clothes And After Removing Underwear , Start Playing With Jethalal Dick.

Jethalal Dick Was Hard But He Has Given A Time To Anjali To Lick His Dick.

Jethalal Insert One Fingure In Anjali Pussy. But Anjali Wet Pussy Eats Jethalal Finger.

Then Jethalal Says “ Anjali Bhabhi , Now I Want To Fuck You ,
And Your Juice Is Now Effecting On Me And After Hearing This , Anjali Pussy Becomes More Hotter.

Anjali Becomes More Slutty And Put His Pussy On Jethalal Dick And Says “ Yes . Fuck Me My Hot Pussy. Since I Have Seen Dick , I Have No Control On Myself. Fuck Me In Such A Way That I Gone Mad.

Anjali Told Jethalal That Please Fuck Me Little Slowly Otherwise I Have Pain And My Pussy Will Burst.

Regardless Of Anjali Word , Jethalal Push Harder In Pussy And Insert Half Of The Dick In The Pussy.

And Pressing Boobs With Both Hands , Jethalal Says ,
“ Don’t Worry , I Will Not Burst Your Pussy , Your Pussy Is Still Young And Tight “

Anjali Has A Pain In Her Pussy.

After The Initial Pain , Now Anjali Is Loving The Fucking To The Core. She Starts Screaming N Shouting,
"Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuuuucccckkkkk Meeee . “
Jetha Bro , Tarak Was Not Fucking Like This But He Doesn’t Know To Fucking. Fuck Me My King.

Fuck Me Like We Are Fucking Last Time And After That We Will Never Get A Chance To Fuck.

Her Cunt Tightened Around His Cock And Squeezed It Hard.
" After 5 Minutes , They Change The Position And Go To The Bathroom For A Shower Fuck. “

Jetha Removes The Hand Shower , Makes Anjali Sit On The Vanity Unit And Keeps The Head Of The Shower On Her Pussy And Starts The Shower.

Anjali Feels That She Can Cum So She Stops It In 1 Minute And Start Licking Jethalal Dick Once Again Then Both Comes On A Bed Once Again And Now Jethalal Start Fucking Anjali Once Again.

Anjali Feeling Now Better Because There Is No Pain In Her Pussy But Jethalal Is Fucking Her In Slow Speed So She Told Jethalal To Fuck Hard. But There Is A Reason Of Slow Fucking By Jethalal And That Is Anjali “Ass”

He Wants To Fuck Anjali Ass But He Also Want To Have Fun.
After 2 Minutes, He Told Anjali To Tuns Back.

Anjali Is Happy Because She Thinks That Now She Will Be Fucked In Her Favorite Position But Jethalal Insert His Dick In Her Ass.

Anjali Says “ No Jetha Bhai , My Ass Is So Tight And Your Dick Is Big. You Are Hurting Me Too Much. I Will Die If You Do This. Please Take Out.

Jethalal Is Not Too Bothered About It. Jethalal Started Spanking On Her Ass Again And Again.

Anjali Had Lost The Count But There Were Almost Sixty Shots On Her Beautifully Shaped Ass.

After Two Minutes , All Her Pain Vanishes And She Started Loving Her Ass Fucking. “ Ramm It In Hard , Fuck Me Really Hard” Anjali Growled.

Anjali , I Will Fuck You Really Hard , Your Fucking Horny Wet Cunt.
Jethalal Said Slapping Anjali's Big And Shaky Butt.
“ Mmm , I Want Your Cock Inside Me , I Can’t Wait Any Longer,”
Said Anjali.

“ Harder !!! Harder !!! Fuck Me Harder And More !!! Aaaaaaauunng” Anjali Kept Yelling And Continued To Moan Louder And Louder.

Her Puffy Cunt Lips Bulged In And Out As Jethalal Kept Fucking Hot Anjali Taarak Mehta With All His Might.

Anjali Reached Back And Started Fingering Her Clit And Was Getting More And More Horny. In No Time Reached Her Shattering Orgasm.
But Jethalal Kept Fucking Her Harder And Harder Showing No Signs Of Cuming While Anjali Was Experiencing Orgasm After Orgasm Continuously.

“ Are You Ever Going To Cum. Jethalal ” She Groaned.

Jethalal Showed No Signs Of Cumming But Increased His Power Of Fucking And Kept On Fucking Her For Another 10 Minutes.

Jethalal Was Getting Close And Started Really Fucking Anjali
Hard. “ Aaaa !! Aaanjjaallliiii , I Am Cummmmiiinnnggggg ”.
He Screamed And Runted And Shot A Huge Load In Her Beautiful Ass. They Collapsed With Is Huge Cock Still Buried Inside Her Ass. She Lay There And Hardly She Could Move.

After Half An Hour, " The Juice " Helped Jethalal Again Regained His Senses And Then He Became Unstoppable.

Sexual Appetite Was Now Doubled.

Jethalal Never Fucked Daya In This Way But For Anjali , He Has Started Her Fucking 2nd Time.

Now Anjali Had Now Gone Too Jethalal Dick Addict.
Fuck Me With That Big Cock !" She Yelled Back At Him Fully Frustrated Now.

Jethalal Entered Her Pink , Wet Pussy Again , And Pulling Out Again.

Jethalal Thinking Now Lets Surprise Anjali Bhabhi And Takes Anjali In Doggy Style.

Anjali Was Happy And Shouted “"Shitt , Give Me Your Cock , Fuck Me With Your Hard Cock!"

After 15-20 Minutes Of Continuous Fucking, Jethalal Tired And Said, I Am Going To Cum Right Now! Where Will You Like It Slut ? ”

“ Cum Right On My Face, "Come On " She Moaned.

" Cum All Over My Face, I Want Your Hot Cum All Over Me ! "

He Couldn't Hold Himself Anymore And Grunted And Shot Loads After Loads All Over Her Face , Completely Soaking Her In His Cum.
"Mmmmm, Yes! Cum All Over Me!" She Shrieked Again.

After Jethalal Was Done With His Cumshots On Her Slutty Face , She Began Wiping Her Face Off With Her Index Finger , Scooping His Hot Cum Off Her Pretty Face Into Her Mouth , Sucking Her Finger Clean Each Time.

“ Ohhh Bitch ! You Are Awesome , Just So Awesome To Fuck !
Licking Cum Off His Shaft , And Head , Anjali Licked Him Clean.
And Then Both Went To Sleep.