Many people were talking about the storm that had struck over night they thought that it was weird that there had been forked lightening that hit many places with doing any damage at all, but there had been no thunder or rain, building engineers had been out checking the buildings for any damage and could not find any they declared that all buildings were one hundred per cent safe, scientists could come up with no explanation for the lightening. Sixteen year old Steve was still in bed after being out all night with his friends causing mayhem in the local town and getting drunk, he had arrived home at four o clock in the morning making a noise as he entered the house, it was now mid day his dad had gone to work earlier and his mum was about to leave the house for  work, as she went out the door she looked at her daughter July who was four years younger than Steve and told her to try and get Steve out of bed then left for work, July went to her step brothers room looked at him then went to him got a handful of his hair and shook him very hard as she did she yelled ” wake up you lazy wanker get out of bed now” Steve woke with a start and after gaining his full senses yelled at July to get the fuck out of his room, and to Steve’s surprise July thumped him hard on the jaw and yelled at him that she was in charge from now on, Steve laughed and said ” you are nothing but a little bit of shit you will never be in charge, and was totally surprised and not expecting the sudden onslaught of thumps that his sister delivered, Steve tried to fight back but could not get any blows in, July stood back said to Steve out of bed now and turned her back , Steve grabbed the small cosh he kept by his bed and hit July twice over the head with very heavy blows and was stunned when his little sister did not crumple to the floor instead she turned and lay into Steve with hard thumps and kicks calling him a fucking wanker as she did, Steve lay on the floor July kicked him in the ribs and told him that from now on she and her mates ran things they were in charge and that he and his mates were finished they were nothing and to round it off July gave him another kick, Steve lay where he was not understanding what had had come over his sister but knew that she was now running things, July stood looking at Steve pointed at his boxer shorts and told him to get them off, Steve hesitated and so July hit him again saying get those things off I want to see your cock, Steve knew he was beaten and took his boxer shorts off and lay naked with his sister staring at his seven inch hairy soft dick, July said ” not bad” and walked out the room, Steve put a pair of shorts on and went down to the kitchen where he saw July talking with the Indian girl Mia who lived in the house next door, Mia looked at July who said to Steve ” I did not tell you to put those on get the fucking things off you wear what I tell you to wear” Steve looked at the two girls, his sister shouted at him ” I told you to do something do it, get those shorts off now” Steve hesitated but when July got up out of her chair he quickly took his shorts off and stood naked”  Mia smiled said ” yeah a nice looking white cock” Steve went bright red with embarrassment, the girls sat talking and when Steve turned to leave the kitchen July told him to stay where he was, Steve knew it was best to and stayed, after ten minutes Steve felt his dick twitch and to his horror it started to grow, Mia said ” look he is getting a hard on” and both girls watched as Steve’s dick grew and stuck up fully erect at nine inches, Mia said ” that is the first white boy I seen with a hard on” July said ” it is a good size” July smiled at Mia and told her she could have first go, Mia went to Steve and to his horror got hold of his dick and started to jerk it, Mia was smiling as she jerked Steve and after ten minutes Steve squirted four spurts of cum. both girls cheered at the sight of Steve’s cum flying from his dick, July told Steve to go and shower and to be quick about it, Steve went up stairs where after having a shower he sat on his bed. All over the small country town youngsters were taking control of the teenagers, parents had no control over what was happening but were happy that the unruly teens were being controlled at last,  the youngsters now had some sort of super strength and when the large lorry broke down blocking the road it was two ten year old boys who used their bare hands and pulled it clear, sixteen year old Mandy had tried to resist but was now sitting naked in front of her twelve year old brother who was admiring her large boobs while his best mate played with them, July was stood stroking Steve’s dick who after a short while was squirting his cum for a second time. sixteen year old Mandy was laying naked on the floor of the small Bengali run corner shop while the owners son who was two years younger than her was thrusting his six inch erection in and out of her love tube while his sister who was two years younger than what he was stroked the dick of Mandy’s seventeen year old boyfriend,  sixteen year Mark the racist homophobic thug was crying out as the school gay boy who two years younger than what he was pounded into his backside while Marks girlfriend Cindy who was the same age as Mark and like him was naked was having her body explored by the hands and tongues of the Marks much younger brothers and friends, high above the town the aliens sat in the space ship babbling the translation of what they were saying, was our mission here is completed let us move to the next target and after twenty minutes lightening with no rain or thunder was hitting the small village and after two hours all the teenagers in the village were naked.