For quite a few weeks residents of the small village were baffled by a very small green light that kept appearing at night from the sky, many residents thought it was a laser but could not explain where it was coming from, the light did not seem to be causing any damage, the military stated that the light was nothing to do with them, the police could not track the source of the light, top government scientists were brought in and they could not come up with any logical explanation for the light, old Tom started parading about the village saying ” the end of the world is near repent all your sins” as normal Tom was ignored, the origin of the light had everybody baffled, then as suddenly as the light had appeared it stop appearing and after a week residents had forgotten about it, then one afternoon as Palash was walking through the woods he saw Cindy who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what he was, Palash was scared of Cindy as he knew that Cindy was a racist thug, Palash stopped walking and waited for Cindy to start her racist abuse, As Palash looked at Cindy he saw the green light appear and shine on Cindy after a few minutes the light left Cindy and Palash was surprised when Cindy said ” I am as horny as fuck I need some cock up me” she then looked at Palash and said to him ” do you want to fuck me” pulling the zipper on her hoody down as she did, Palash could hardly believe his eyes when Cindy took her hoody off and stood topless, Palash stared at Cindy’s ample naked boobs and erect nipples as Cindy undid her jeans and took them off and stood naked rubbing her love tube, Palash looked Cindy up and down and when she lay on the ground and parted her legs Palash quickly undid his trousers freeing his six inch erection and was soon sliding his erection up Cindy’s love tube then started to thrust in and out of Cindy’s wet love tube liking how she was moaning, sixteen year old Steve who was Cindy’s boyfriend was waiting at the edge of the woods when he saw Cindy’s ten year old sister Sofia, Steve often tormented Sofia by calling her squirt because he knew she did not like it, but today Sofia was surprised when Steve called her by her proper name, she saw the light appear shining on Steve for a few minutes before disappearing again, Steve looked at Sofia and lowered his joggers, Sofia smiled when she saw Steve’s seven inch hairy dick and stared hard at it and watched as it grew and stuck up in the air standing up like a nine inch flag pole, Sofia suddenly saw Palash’s sister Pia who was in her class at school, Pia said ” wow a big white stiffy and walked over to Steve and started to jerk his erection, Palash was surprised that he had made Cindy cum five times and he was still thrusting in and out of her love tube, Palash saw Mark who was in his class at school and a hated peeping tom and flasher, Palash pulled his dick out of Cindy’s love tube as Mark approached, Mark stopped when he saw the naked Cindy and said ” fucking hell look at those tits” and when Cindy said “why fuck in hell when I am here” Mark undid his jeans and was soon pushing his seven inch erection into Cindy’s love tube, Sofia was watching as Pia jerked Steve and smiled when Steve squirted his cum in long spurts. All over the village the green light had been shining on residents who suddenly stripped naked, Tom was stood looking at five naked sixteen year old cheerleaders and thinking I was wrong the start is here as he slid his erect dick into the first girls love tube and his young nephew started to undress.