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Crazy Day

All night long residents of the small country town had been kept awake by the strange high pitched humming sound that had filled the night air the flashing lights that happened at the same time had also kept people awake, the police had been inundated with calls concerning the noise and flashing lights but no matter how hard they tried they could find out where the disturbance was coming from but just after six o clock in the morning the humming sound stopped and not long after the flashing lights stopped flashing, the residents of the town thought peace at long last and started going about their daily routine knowing they would not get any sleep before it was time to get up. Mark was sitting in the kitchen when his step sister Karen who at sixteen was four years older than what he was walked into the kitchen, Mark dropped his spoon when he saw that Karen was naked he could not believe that he could see his bully sister’s boobs and love tube and when Karen stood beside him and said ” play with me” Mark thought he was dreaming but reached out and started rubbing Karen’s love tube before inserting his fingers inside it and start pushing then in and out and after a few minutes felt her gush, when Karen turned and walked out of the kitchen Mark admired her nice looking bum. Tina the sixteen year old school bully was walking across the waste ground to school, Tony who was two younger than her and hated because he was a flasher was in the derelict building when he saw Tina and when she started to walk towards the building he moved back into the building scared that he was going to get a kicking from Tina, when Tina walked into the building she stopped looked at Tony and raised her skirt right up when Tony saw that Tina had no panties on and he could see her love tube his eyes went wide, Tina lowered her skirt then to Tony’s surprise took it off and said ” do you want to fuck me” Tony could not believe what he was hearing but managed to say ” yes” Sally was with her best mate as they sat on the school bus both staring in awe at Steve who at sixteen was four years older than the girls, Steve was sat stroking his nine inch erection when he squirted his cum in four spurts the girls both said ” wow” Tony was thrusting in and out of Tina’s love tube as she lay moaning on the hard floor he felt her cum three times before she told him to stop, Tony with drew his dick and got up, Tina stood and with out saying a word picked up her skirt and left the building, Later that night at the local play ground sixteen year old Sara was sat on a swing, Asif a class mate of hers was talking on his phone when he saw Sara pull the zip on her hoody down and open it and when he saw her ample naked boobs with erect nipples he smiled and said into his phone” I have got to go” and cut the call off and watched as Sara took her hoody off then started to unbutton her jeans the other two Indian boys in the play park watched as Sara took her jeans off both boys and Asif stared at the naked blonde haired white teen and soon the three sixteen year old boys were stood round Sara rubbing her naked body and when Asif undid his jeans letting his seven inch erection spring out Sara bent forward and started to suck it and when Asif squirted his cum into her mouth Sara swallowed it all then started sucking the dick of one of the other boys and after swallowing his cum started to suck the third boy’s dick and when she had swallowed his cum got up off the swing and walked still naked into the park where she saw Tony and lay on the grass parting her legs as she did and was soon groaning as Tony thrust in and out of her love , Sally was stood in her lounge looking at her sixteen year old brother and two of his class mates as they sat naked stroking their erect dicks, Mark was kneeing on the floor of his step sisters bedroom with his best mate Palash who was in his class at school playing with Karen’s naked body, Sara was groaning and climaxing for the fourth time as Tony thrust in and out of her love tube as her sister Cindy who was four years younger than what she was walked up looked at Tony then stripped naked and lay on the grass with her legs open, Tony smiled and after a few minutes was thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube. later that night the flashing lights and high pitched humming started again and lasted all night the next morning everybody in the town was walking about naked all the males had full erections and the females had erect nipples, high in the sky above the town the alien space ship hovered the aliens looking forward to replacing the males of the town and looking after the needs of the female population of the town below.

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