The spaceship had been hovering over the small country town for a month, all attempts by the powers to be to make contact with the aliens on board the space craft had failed, fighter planes from the air forced had flew past the space craft a few times and got no response. Now it had been deemed that the aliens were friendly and intended the people of earth no harm this was backed up when one of the local residents fell into the swollen fast flowing river and was struggling, suddenly the resident was lifted out of the water by an invisible force and was gently put down on dry ground and after being examined by a doctor there was found to be nothing wrong with the resident, there were lots and lots of people from all over the country started to turn up in the town to look at the visitors from outer space, there was a lot of speculation made as to what the intentions of the aliens were, then after a month strange things started to happen, 16 year old July the school bully who hated the Bengali residents was stood in barn of her dad’s farm giving verbal abuse to Abdul who was her age, Abdul just stood there looking at her and heard July’s voice become slurred she then lifted her hoody up over her head and off then unclipped her bra took it off and stood topless, Abdul looked hard at July’s naked boobs with very erect nipples, then to Abdul’s amazement July removed her jeans and panties standing naked she asked Abdul if he want to fuck her, Abdul undid his jeans letting his 7 inch erection spring out, July lay down in the hay and parted her legs, Abdul went over to her knelt between the naked girls legs and was soon sliding his dick into July’s love tube, then started pounding away into her making her cum after five minutes, Abdul saw July’s sister Mandy who was a few years younger than July standing naked with in a couple of minutes Abdul was pounding away into making her groan. Steve the 17 year old brother of July and a racist thug was in the corner shop making a delivery, the Indian owners daughters who were 14 years old and 12 years old were watching, suddenly Steve lowered his joggers the two girls looked at each other then looked back at Steve’s hairy dick and smiled when it grew into a 9 inch erection both girls watched in awe as Steve started to stroke it and when Steve squirted his cum in 5 long spurts both girls gasped, neither had seen a white dick now they had just seen a white boy jerk off and liked what they had seen. In the park Joe a 59 year old local man who was known for being a peeping tom and a pervert was walking his talk when he saw Cindy and Amy who were both 16 years of age walking towards him, Joe was about to walk away as he knew the girls were trouble but then saw both girls were carrying their jumpers there boobs on full view and stayed, the girls stopped right in front of Joe who could not believe his eyes, Cindy started to rub Joe’s crutch then stood back undid her jeans took the off and stood naked Amy was undoing Joe’s jeans and after pulling them down Cindy pushed Amy to one side and started to suck Joe’s dick Joe looked at Amy and saw she was naked sucking the dick of one of his mates who was also a peeping tom, after both men had squirted their cum into the girls mouths the girls walked towards the town carrying their clothes, 16 year old Sharon was standing naked in her garden while her black neighbour stood beside her rubbing Sharon’s boobs Sharon’s sister who was a few years younger than Sharon was laying naked on the ground being pounded by the son of the man rubbing her sisters boobs, all over town girls were giving their bodies up to boys and men, Inside the space craft the aliens were happy at their control over the human race.