Hello friends .. My name is Rishi and I am 25 years old and I have just finished my college a few months back. Friends, today I am going to tell you a true story of my life and it is 5 years ago. Friends, when I enrolled in college .. I could not find the hostel and came from another city and I was looking for a room. Then I came to know from my family that my brother and sister-in-law from a distant relationship are in this city and they also wanted a tenant. So they reached here on the bus and I told them everything about myself and then they rented me a room and the room rent was fixed between us.

Then a month later, he went to stay here and I would go to college every day and would return home at 6-7 pm. In whose house I was staying there were only two members, brother, and sister-in-law. What should I tell their figure of 32 years of age was very amazing... His size was 38-27-35 and both of them were very busy with their life. Bhaiya used to go to the office every day and sister-in-law used to do housework and coaching and I was also busy with my life.
I used to change clothes, eat and read from college, and watch blue films every night in the late hours and shake my cocks loudly before going to sleep .. I used to do this by locking the room at around 2-3 pm and me While doing so, 6 months passed. So one day I saw a very cool girl in college .. Her ass was very strong and I saw her bending the same day, I saw her full boobs and just that day I could not control and I was thinking that once If I get it, I will fuck her very much... Because I shook the cocks every day and raised so much passion that I could fuck that girl even throughout the day and my water is not too fast now He used to get comfortable. Then that day I came early from college and entered the room straight away .. took off all his clothes and remembering that, started shaking cocks loudly.
What were his asses and boobs and then after some time he fell down and fell free from all his work and went to sleep? So the next day the same incident happened and after seeing her ass, boobs started caressing the cocks, but on that day I got a call from her sister-in-law, she had to go somewhere for some work and said that no one will stay at home. So I ran my mind and the time the sister-in-law told to go out .. I reached home at that time and went straight to my room. Removed all his clothes and started moving cocks loudly. That day I did not lock my room .. because I thought the sister-in-law must have gone. Then as soon as I lay on the bed after moving, I found the door open. But I did not see anyone there and when I looked outside, sister-in-law was at home .. I was very scared. Then I got dressed and went out and asked him why did you not go to law? So he looked at me with suspicion and said that I am going now and behaved with me as if he did not see anything... So I was very relaxed that we did not see anything.
Then after a week, Bhaiya went out of office work and sister-in-law was at home .. I went to college as usual but in that day I had forgotten my mobile at home and I had a key in the house. So I went back home and went inside the house and took my mobile and I was coming back only when I saw her in the room, she was lying naked on the bed and was massaging, and after seeing them, just I could not keep up .. My cock stood completely fluttering and said that just now I want this item. I thought all this and said to myself that this is all wrong but the heart does not believe... His thirst was increasing. Then I pretended to enter the house so that the sister would think that I have come. Straight went to his room and locked the room and thinking of his sister started moving the cocks. On that day, thinking about them, I kicked my head a lot and this went on for about 6 months.
Brother would go out once every 6 months for some work and sister-in-law used to stay at home. So one day I was watching a blue film at night when the sister-in-law played the door of my room and said that she is not sleeping, then she came to talk to me. So I did not stop the blue film .. Turned off the screen of the laptop just by turning off the voice. Then sister-in-law was suspicious when she saw the cocks taut in my paint but immediately removed the sight. Then I asked him to come and sit and we started talking. Sister-in-law was sitting on my bed and slept there while talking. I also have a double bed in my room, but I used to think that I could not sleep until I moved the cocks after watching a blue film. So I secretly turned on the laptop and put my hand inside the paint and started moving the cocks. Due to the shaking of the cocks, the bed also started moving and when I looked at the sister-in-law, the sister-in-law was sleeping, but when I looked back, I felt that the sister-in-law was watching me secretly but then she pretended as if she was sleeping.
Then I shook the cocks for a long time and slept tired and then at night the sister-in-law accidentally put her hands on me and then secretly touched the cocks and removed her hands completely .. to show that it all happened accidentally and Slept the whole night in sleep and I too touched her pussy once during the night with the same excuse and once touched her boobs too. Sister-in-law looked at both times with strange eyes .. That night went out just like that but in the next day, he came early after leaving college and sneaked into the house to see what the sister-in-law was doing and as I entered my room, I saw the sister-in-law on my laptop. Seeing the blue film, I was a finger in my pussy and just seeing all this, I could not stay away and I too stood there and started shaking my cock after seeing the sister-in-law and then there Or. That day the sister-in-law had not seen me, so I made a plan for the night and I went to the towels in the sister-in-law's room at night and said that the law is not getting water in my room .. can I use your bathroom The So sister-in-law said that you can have yes. I bathed in their bathroom... So I saw their bra and panty and sniffed them .. What a great smell and he pissed me off and started moving cocks. Then I came out of the bathroom and I had kept my cocks erect and then I deliberately dropped my towel and started showing all my smooth erect cocks in front of the sister-in-law and behaved as if everything was done accidentally.
Then I knew that after seeing my cock, she would never sleep in chains .. until she would take it in and I towed from there and ran straight to my room. Then I switched off the light and started pretending to sleep and I thought that the sister-in-law would come tonight to have fun but she did not come and I knew that she will not be able to stay away for much longer... She is thirsty for my cock and when Till it will not be complete .. She will not be able to live. Then finally that day has come. The next day when I started sleeping at night, she came to the room and said that I was not sleepy and wanted to talk to you and she sat on the bed and pretended to sleep while talking.
So I again saw the blue film on the laptop but today was not shaking cocks and after some time just pretended to sleep. So late night sister-in-law A.C. When the cold rising, my sheet penetrated and then slowly he started to put his hand on my body and started going down. Then she gently touched the cocks on top of the paint and lifted her hands completely and then she opened my paint chain and started to enter her hand, but I did not say anything and started pretending to sleep. I did not wear anything under the paint, so now I had my 7-inch cocks in his hand. She was surprised to touch him and I saw a strange glow on her face. So I could not stay away and I removed the paint with a jerk and then I jumped on them and we kissed for a long time and I was going to kiss them from top to bottom. Then their big boobs were killing me. I sucked them as much .. they would have grown that much and I had never felt that way.
She was getting drunk and started sobbing. He gripped me with his white thighs and clung to me and started kissing me with full fervor. So both of our bodies started getting hot like the fire is coming out of the sun and kissing them, they reached their thighs and started licking their pussy. Sometimes he would jump if he had a finger in it, but he was having a lot of fun. Then she said to me that you do very well .. I have never enjoyed this much and since I saw your cock, I could not keep up with me and I used to think about it every day and was getting very crazy when and how will get? But today I got that chance. Please take him down today in my pussy .. insert my whole cock .. fuck me loudly .. Help me quench my thirst. I never got so much happiness .. Complete my happiness today.
Hearing all this, I could not stop even .. I had become more energetic and I laid them straight on the mouth of cocks and put all the cocks in her pussy in one stroke and she started screaming loudly and Then she slowly started going up and down. Then there was such a fuck that there was no name to stop... She was screaming aaaah uhhhh and loudly and loudly my life, eradicate my thirst .. Make me your own .. Then I also got excited and pushed me Started and started fucking him. She was completely shaken with each one of my bumps and started taking sobs... Her sobs were getting more excited inside me and I was going to fuck her hard and coming close to the loss I asked her where the water Drop? So she said that put it inside the pussy .. I did the same and that night I had sex with her in every position. We fuck each other a lot every day... Sometimes he enjoys me a lot over me and sometimes on him. Sometimes in the bathroom, sometimes on the table, sometimes in the storeroom, on the washing machine, on the roof, in the kitchen, in the car, on the couch, on the ground and in every room we both had fun. Kamasutra also enjoys all the positions of the TRAI and the fuck in the balcony too.
I have never met a fellow like him and now sometimes we secretly press each other in front of Bhaiya but Bhaiya never used to doubt and it has been 5 years now .. We still have a lot of fun and Bhaiya Don't even know... Now she sometimes comes to my room directly after deliberately quarreling with a brother and locks the door from inside and has a lot of fun with me and goes out in the morning peacefully and then good behavior with brother Tax Ti. So Bhaiya feels that maybe she was sleeping in my room but she enjoys sex with me all night.