Hello friends, My name is Ajay and I am from Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. I am a very old reader of this site and I have read all the stories of this site. Now first let me tell you about myself that I am smart in appearance and I am 23 years old. This was 6 months ago and this story belongs to me and my neighbor who lives near me, her name is Rekha and she is both husband and wife. She is 25 years old, so I call her sister-in-law and her husband works in an MNC company. Rekha Bhabhi lives next door to my house, so it was enough for her to come to my house. We had a very good friendship. I mostly stay at her house because she is alone. She is very beautiful in appearance. His size is 34-32-30, What are her boobs? And what is ass? If you see him, then you will feel like fucking. Now I was also looking for an opportunity to fuck him. One day when I went to her house, she was wearing a sari in her room and I went straight inside. Then I sat in the same place looking at him, so what is he saying? So I said I am watching you.

Then he told me that have I never seen a naked girl? So I said no, never got a chance. So she said okay, now get up and tie the hook of my blouse from behind so I said that it is fine. Then I stood up and went to him and tied his hook from behind. What was his body friends? She wore a black colored bra inside. Then I asked that you are very sexy and I started throwing my hands on his back. Then she said what are you doing? Then I said that just feels good. That time my cock was erect and was touching on her ass. Then he put his hand on my cock and said that it has become very tight. Then I said when you have such a sexy bhabhi then you will definitely stand up. Then I immediately put my hands on him and put him on the boobs and slowly started pressing. So ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, such sounds started coming from his mouth. Now she straightened and kissed me by placing her lips on my lips and now
Then I put a hand on her boobs and started pressing harder. Now that she started removing my clothes, I also started removing her blouse. Later he took off all my clothes. Then I also removed his petticoat. Now she was only in bra and panty. Then I lay him on the bed and kiss him with Zoro. Now she too started supporting me. Then she started pressing her boobs on top of her bra, so now she was saying that press Ajay and loudly, I enjoy it a lot. Then I started pressing her boobs more and harder, and then I removed her bra, guys what were boobs? I was broken on him. Then I started biting her boobs very hard, she was being told that I will not run away slowly, please press it, suck it, drink all the juice, now I am yours.
Then slowly I went under her and removed her panty, was her pussy? Now I was kissing her pussy. She said that lick her, please lick my pussy, my husband never lick my pussy, please lick it hard. Now I also started licking her pussy, then she said that I have to suck your cock. Then we came to 69 positions. Now she was licking my cock loudly and I was licking her pussy. Then she said that my king is no more, please add me. Then I said okay Then we became straight, so he said, bring me a little cock. Then pouring then she started sucking my cock loudly. Then after sucking the cocks for 5 minutes, bid that let's pour now. Then she lay down straight and I put my cock on her pussy, then why did she say she is torturing her queen? Please pour quickly and fuck me.
It is paining. Then I said okay Then I put my cock in her pussy in one stroke, then she started screaming loudly. Then after stopping for a while, she said that now start fucking. Then I slowly started to fuck her. Now she was speaking ahhhh aaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahah and saying that fuck loudly and loudly. Then, too, by accelerating his attacks, he started fucking him. Now I was pressing her boobs and kissing. Now she was being spoken loudly Ahaha Aha Aa Aa Chodo. Then I said that I am going to leave, then she said that pour your juice into my pussy and make me your mother's child. Now he left twice, so he said that my third time is about to come, let's fight together. After that we both collapsed together. Then I put all the juice in her pussy and lay down on her. Then she said that I got satisfaction for the first time. After that whenever we get a chance, we do chudai.