Hello friends, my name is Raj and I am a resident of Bareilly. I am a regular reader of this site and this is my first story. Now let me tell you about myself before starting my story that my age is 24 years and height is 5 feet 11 inches. I am good at looking and now I come directly to the story. This story is of mine and a married girl Rekha. Rekha is a very beautiful woman and her figure is around 34-28-32 and she is white like milk and very sexy in appearance. Her lips are very pink and dooms off when she wears a jeans top. Me and he met in an office and then we exchanged our number and then she started calling me and talking between us and slowly she told me everything about herself and we are completely frank Gone.

Then I offered her to watch the movie one day, then she too agreed and then we went to watch the movie. Now while I was watching the movie, he put his head on my shoulder and started turning his hand in my hair. Then I took her in my arms and kissed her, she didn't say anything and I started smooching her constantly and she also started supporting me. Then I started pressing her boobs and she grabbed my cock from above my paint. Then I also opened her jeans and put my hand on her pussy and put my finger in her pussy. She kissed me very hard and now she started sobbing. Then we kept smooching like this for 5 minutes and then it fell on the spot. Then when we came out of the picture hall, I told him that Rekha is no longer in control, so he said that you come to my house tomorrow morning, then I said that it is fine.
Then reached her house the next day when she wore a black colored suit and swore when she looked like a goddess of sex. I was feeling that at the same time I should break on her and hold her and give me a fuck, but I controlled and told her that you look very hot and sexy today. So she will show you how hot I am in bidding, and then I went inside her house and then when I came inside, I saw that her husband was sleeping and I asked her that it is at home so why did you call me? So he said that he always stays at home and sleeps after drinking like this. He had a strange thirst in his eyes at that time.
Then I hugged him and now I understand that Rekha's husband does not get him properly and then he started kissing her. He stopped me and said that first I bring you breakfast, then I told him that no Darling I am not hungry to eat and breakfast, I am only hungry for you. So she said that you are very impatient, so I caught her again and started smooching. Now this time she also started supporting me and then started pressing her boobs from above. She was going crazy now and then she said let's go out in the hall. So I said okay and then we came out in the hall and I started kissing him. Then slowly he removed all my clothes and now I was only in the underwear. Then he grabbed my cock from inside my underwear. And now as soon as he felt his hand, the current ran throughout my body and I started licking him like an animal.
Then she took off all her clothes one by one and now she was completely naked in front of me. I swear I lost my temper after seeing her silver-like body and broke down on her. Her pussy was very clean shave. Then I removed my underwear and seeing my cock, she said, "Wow, what is your cock?" Sorry, I didn't tell you that my cock is 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. Then I told her that darling suck my cock, so why didn't she bid? The king has got such a good cock for the first time today, so I will definitely suck it. Then she took my cock in her mouth and she started sucking my cock like a lollipop. I swear, when I was enjoying it so much that I could not tell, and after 5 minutes, it fell in her mouth and she drank all my water.
Then I brought her down and came between her legs and started licking her pussy. Now taking that sobs, my head started pressing into her pussy and I started to put my tongue inside her pussy. Now she was starting to rave Ooohh Raj you are to good Raj, today for the first time I am having so much fun, rule me, you are very good Raj. Then after about 5 minutes he also left the water, I also drank all his water and now my cock stood up again and I started rubbing it on her pussy. She said that do not let Raj enter in quickly, why are you torturing so much? So I told him that I will not do so easily, first promise that after today whenever you feel like you will give me your pussy. She said yes, I will be your concubine later today, now put it in quickly. Then I put my cock on her pussy and hit a vigorous push, then my pussy slipped due to her pussy being tight, this happened twice.
Then he grabbed my cock with his hand and I hit it with a loud push and my whole cock got into his pussy. A scream came out of her mouth and she said, don't do it with the comfort of Bhosari, have you never done anything to anyone before? Now hearing the abuse from her mouth, I got angry and I gave her a loud slap and said that the sister-in-law was just lifting her ass and saying that she should hurry in and now she is screaming when she goes inside. Then she said comfort me my king, it hurts. Then I stopped like that and started biting her boob with teeth and now tears were coming out of her eyes. Then after a while, she started shaking her back and I also started to push slowly. Now he was also having fun and I was also having a lot of fun. Then she started saying that Chodo Raj, I am very thirsty in Chodo, for the first time today it seems as if some kind of cock has gone inside. Raj is enjoying a lot,
Then for about 15 minutes I put her in different positions. Now I was going to fall, so I told him that I am going to fall. She said that just sweep it inside, now I want a child from you. Then I stepped up my speed and fell in her pussy, now she had also fallen twice. Then I lay down on him. Then he kissed me on my neck and I told you I love you, so I also called him I love you and that day I have him 4 times and to this day.