Anjan Bhabhi Se Pyar Unke Ghar Main: Hello friends, My name is Aryan and I live in Noida Sector 11, I am married and I work in Noida. You all must know the job culture of today. All the parts of a man sitting for 9 hours get loose, so I joined a gym. I used to go to the gym every day and it was a unisex gym, beautiful girls there, Aunties used to come. I am a little shy type, so I would go to the gym and do my exercise and come home. One day when I went to the gym, I saw that a very beautiful lady was exercising. I paid no attention to it and got into my exercises. Then she too came next to me and started exercising and just a few days passed. Then after about 1 week, I was exercising by lying in the gym and she came next to me and laid down laying the mat and started asking me how to do the exercise of Upper Abes? So I told him and called the trainer and asked him to help him. Now I was going home after finishing the exercise when someone was calling my name from behind, then suddenly turned around, then I saw that she was the lady behind.

In: Then I asked how do you know my name?
Lady: She saw that from Jim's entry book.
In: I asked, say, what can I help you with?
Lady: Can I walk home with you?
I: Then I suddenly said, do you know where I live?
Lady: Yes, I know.
In: How?
Lady: I ​​leave one of your houses and I have often seen you going to the office, strolling outside with my child.
In: You're a very smart lady.
Then we went ahead and I asked her name and she called her name Shilpa.
In: What does your husband do?
Shilpa: Let's do business.
In: Do you have any children?
Shilpa: Yes, a 5-year-old doll.
In: Well, you must be going to school.
Shilpa: Yes, she goes with her father.
In: with dad?
Shilpa: Yes, his father drops him to school and then goes to his shop.
In: Home has arrived and I will leave now.
Shilpa: Okay, did we go to the gym every day?
In: Okay.
Shilpa: Give your phone number.
Now I felt a little strange that how should I give a phone number? And I said that I am going to the gym at 8 o'clock to meet me below, because I do not bring mobile to the gym. Then we went to our respective homes and got busy with our daily chores. Then the next day when I left for the gym at 8 o'clock, she came down and gave me a lovely smile. It was Saturday, so the gym was very crowded. Then I quickly finished my exercise and came out, she also came out with me and together we left for home.
Shilpa: What is your plan today?
In: Nothing special, a little housework that has to be done.
Shilpa: Come to my house in the afternoon, I will feel good and have a lot of fun.
Me: see.
Shilpa: This is my phone number, I will come if the mood is up.
Now I was a little surprised that why Shilpa is taking so much interest in me? He is married. Then I thought if I spoke, I will meet you. Then I told my wife that I am going there to a friend and I will come in 1 or 2 hours. Then I reached her house at 4 pm without calling and Shilpa opened the door and started giving Surprise look. Then I said that you called and when we arrived, Shilpa lovingly called me inside and hugged me. Then I said that it has become too hot. Then she said that it is nothing, if you want, a lot can happen. When she was wearing a sexy gown, which was showing her full figure, what should I say, friends? What did she look like?